MGP Session 25: Hit Up By Randos

Cover-Art_green 1400

Join Judy and Erica on this week’s session with our special guest Juelliete and Alex, representing Kannabis Works, as we discuss, owning a dispensary, the stigma of women in cannabis, Le Tigre, roller derby, kombucha, endoscopies, herbal supplements, CBD, drug testing, Emergen-C, Goldenseal, transparency, CBD, medicinal cannabis, Junior College vs 4 year, taking test, internships, Marley Natural, CBD rich, anxiety, Santa Ana, Orange County, legal dispensaries, distribution, Anaheim, Disneyland, seed to sale, pushy vendors, quality control, California growers, B-Legit, Cypress Hill, sabotage, blackmail, getting hit up by random people, Rick Simpson Oil, Whole Plant Extraction, Entourage Effect, chemotherapy, cannabis research, dosing, self medication, terpenes, Bong Appetit, Viceland, Israel, Bill Nye Saves the World, mis named strains, SB 54, taxes, legal vs non legal dispensaries, workshops, dangers of owning a dispensary, armed guards, safety, panic rooms, safe rooms, safety precautions, Kannabis Works, manufactures, distributors, banking, Federal, cash, ATM machines, cash is king, new laws, tumbling cannabis, trichomes, women empowerment, industry, women in cannabis, mistersaginy, Craigslist, Calendars, regulation, misconceptions of owning a dispensary, working while high, dab before you drive, stereotypes, cannabis boutiques, topicals, menstrual cup, periods, 10 day hikes, free bleeding, luxury tax, peek tax, pussy weed, cannabis lube, suppositories, the love kit, female sexual pleasure, firefighters can now smoke cannabis 6 hours prior to their shift, Kannabis Works, and more!

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