MGP Session 34: Night of the Karmic Rat

Cover-Art_white_1400Join Judy and Erica on this week’s session as we discuss running low on weed, alternative holistic methods, cannabis, prescription drugs, cancer, chemotherapy, stem cell therapy, poison, Native people, Indigenous people, diet, hurricane, risk taking, health care, vegetarians, risky, affordability, legal cannabis, demographics in cannabis, pain management, older women in cannabis, California, greed, America, local growers, underground, salty moods, weed culture, cannabis laws, canned vegetables, Dream Catchers, rats, boundaries, neighbors, loud black girls, American flag laws, vulnerable Instagram post, MGK, Machine Gun Kelly, Eminem, Murs, Michael Rapaport, Alonzo Ball, Atypical, dick cards, artist @SaraMLyons, Vegan Wu-Tang, Impossible Burger, Buffalo wings, vegan food, and more!

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