MGP Session 35: Your Pie Ain’t Got No Flavor

Join Judy and Erica on this week’s session as we discuss Black Cat strain, smoking etiquette, soda vs juice, agua fresca, Los Alamitos businesses, Dean Grouse, Tanya Doby, politicians, someone stole Judy’s campaign signs, we went to a hip hop show, Erica took everyone’s weed, asthma season, local honey, selfcare, Cayenne pepper stops bleeding, pickle…

MGP Ep 2: Ying Yang? It’s Yin Yang – Part 2

Join Judy and Erica on part 2 of this week’s Mixed Greens Podcast with our special guest Ebony, The ladies discuss Papa Legba encounter, Dream Catchers: Ebony dreams her father is in distress, Judy’s Coming to America essay, Erica doesn’t know the latest acronyms,Erica’s experience volunteering for election day (Police were called on her), Roy Moore vs Doug Jones and more.

MGP Ep 2:-Ying-Yang?-It’s-Yin Yang – Part-1

Join Judy and Erica on part 1 of this week’s Mixed Greens Podcast as they discuss More sexual harassment charges,children committing suicide due to bullying, Lavar Ball, Tupac is Jesus,who’s Abby who’s Illana (Broad City) and more.